Collaboration vs. Competition

There is a trending ‘C’ word in the health and wellness, social media space of 2018 and no, it isn’t cauliflower. 

The word is collaboration and I couldn’t be happier about it.

By now we all know the two sides to social media. On the one hand, it can be inspiring, you can make long-lasting friendships, grow your business and stay motivated with your goals.

On the other hand, it’s easy to fall down the black hole of comparison, to cultivate feelings of anxiety and to feel like you’re just not freakin’ good enough. 

As a health and wellness blogger, it can be so hard not to pit myself against the tens of thousands of fitness bloggers across the globe. The girls with the bigger and better butts, the bigger and better brand deals. 

It can also be really hard not to compare yourself to the other bloggers/trainers/accounts/brands within your own community.

But this is where you can get stuck. 

Instead of wasting precious hours feeling bad about yourself and/or your business, flip those feelings around and try taking inspiration instead

Compliment your fellow business owners, ask for advice, support their endeavors and learn from them.

You may see me from time to time (okay every single day) with my nutrition-loving-sidekick Jordana of I Hart Nutrition.  Collaborating with her has been game-changing. We learn from each other, come up with creative ideas together and push each other to achieve our personal and collective business goals. We also love seeing our fellow Torontonian girl bosses in the wellness space kill it and get excited to meet all of our Instagram friends in real life.

Over the past year I have loved meeting other Toronto creators, trading stories about our upcoming projects and (weird) lives that no one else seems to understand. And may or may not have been star struck a few times (cough cough Bev and Sash). 

So this goes out to my fellow entrepreneurs who need a quick reminder – it’s the year of collaboration versus competition. Let’s make 2018 epic. 


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