My Dream Office

Settling into our new house was quick and seamless. Thanks to the efforts of my talented, interior designer sister and my slightly obsessive compulsive husband, you would think we have been living here for years instead of months.  By the end of our first week, every […]

Collaboration vs. Competition

There is a trending ‘C’ word in the health and wellness, social media space of 2018 and no, it isn’t cauliflower.  The word is collaboration and I couldn’t be happier about it. By now we all know the two sides to social media. On the […]

Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

Whether you’re a competitive Crossfitter or the occasional gym goer, it’s always nice to receive a gift you can put towards reaching your health and fitness goals. After all, what is more motivating than some fresh activewear? Buying a fitness inspired gift doesn’t have to […]