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Our Baby Moon

So first and foremost, this photo is obviously not from this trip. We have had pretty crappy Miami weather and haven’t actually taken one pic together yet, so ya…I got “creative” and used one from our last trip. I’m so excited for DC to finally […]

DC’s Epic Paris Itinerary

DC and I have very different travel styles. I’m more ‘book the essentials’ (plane ticket, with an aisle seat to be specific) and then sort of figure out the plan from there. My hubby is the polar opposite. He pretty much books whatever is humanly […]

Packing Tips for a Quick Getaway

As you can probably tell by now, travel is one of my biggest, if not the biggest passion of mine. From weekend getaways to month-long adventures, most of my favourite life moments and memories are from trips that I’ve taken. We all know that everyone […]