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How to Find Your Inner Athlete

I never used to think of myself as athletic. Yes I was always active, dancing up to 20 hours a week at one point in my life, but athletic – forget it. I despised playing sports, was always picked last for teams in gym class and just […]

My Dream Office

Settling into our new house was quick and seamless. Thanks to the efforts of my talented, interior designer sister and my slightly obsessive compulsive husband, you would think we have been living here for years instead of months.  By the end of our first week, every […]

Facing My Fears at 30: Mont Tremblant Recap

When I was invited back in September to spend a winter weekend in Mont Tremblant, I was filled with joy and excitement…until it dawned on me. Does this mean I have to try skiing? That’s right, I’m a 30 year old Toronto native who had somehow managed […]