Sweet Dreams with Saje Natural Wellness

We all know a balanced diet and staying active play an essential role in living a healthy lifestyle but there is one piece of the puzzle that can often be overlooked, and that is sleep. Studies have shown that sleep is integral to many of our vital functions such as immunity, metabolism and memory. Therefore, if I ever have to choose between eating well, working out or getting into bed early, I’ll always go with the latter. Besides, if you are exhausted you are unlikely to get the most out of your sweat session and kicking those sugary cravings becomes even more difficult.

Luckily for me, I have always been a good sleeper. I pretty much fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow (which probably has something to do with those 5:30 am wake-ups). For most people, however, falling asleep can be much more difficult. Technology, to-do-lists and anxiety can keep even the most over-tired people up all night. You may feel like you have tried everything to improve your sleep but if you haven’t tried essential oils I highly recommend doing so. And I highly recommend using them with the aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer by Saje Natural Wellness

As much as I do not need help with my sleep, I was excited to try the aromaBreeze because I love the smell of essential oils and I also love falling asleep to a white noise. While the noise is pretty much inaudible, the smells, moisture and energy of the nebulizer have me hooked. I am being completely honest when I say I have slept with my aromaBreeze every single night since the first time I tried it.

For those of you thinking, “nebu-what?” the nebulizer is an ultrasonic, heat-free system that disperses essential oils into the air. It works similarly to a purifier or humidifier that plugs in and automatically turns off when the water is empty. The design is clean and sleek and will pretty much go with every room in your home. 

Essential oils themselves have so many wonderful benefits with their anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. They are known to be extremely therapeutic and can aid in digestion and anxiety. The aromaBreeze enhances these properties as it purifies and deodorizes the air while releasing the oils.   

I have been using Saje’s Happiness Diffuser Blend Collection and can confidently say my sleeps have been deeper and calmer. I particularly love Cloud 9 and will need a refill soon. For those of you looking to improve your sleep or get the most out of your shut-eye, try adding the aromaBreeze into your bedtime routine and enjoy sweet dreams with Saje.





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