How Skinceuticals Cleared Up My Skin

So far turning 30 has been met with lots of big changes for me. Some of them have been amazing, like pursuing my dreams in the wellness industry. Others, however, have been a little less favourable, like dealing with the onset of brand new skin issues. 

I know have been incredibly lucky. For my entire life, up until the past few months, I have had really good skin. Yes I would get the occasional, hormonal pimple here and there. But that was pretty much it. I rarely wore makeup and I never worried too much about what products I used on my skin. My face just wasn’t at the top of my priorities list.

This year however, things started to really change. It felt like BAM! I turned 30 and hello adult acne. WTF!?! Why in my 30’s was I all of a sudden experiencing what most of my friends went through when we were 16? I started to develop large, painful, underground pimples that I had never had before. And they didn’t just stick around for a few days and then go away. They would last for weeks, even months on end and I still, today, have flat red spots (are they scars?) where the pimples used to be.

This was a whole other level of breakouts I had ever experienced. Now for those of you who have had, or are currently struggling with acne, this may not see like the biggest deal to you. However, it is all relative. I had never had a skin issue in my life. Yes I have my laundry list of insecurities about myself but skin wasn’t one of them. It was strange at 30 to suddenly have a brand new insecurity in my appearance.

I found myself obsessed with staring at other people’s skin, wondering why theirs was so perfect and mine was not? I would get distracted mid-conversation admiring people’s’ clear faces whilst simultaneously wondering if they were staring at the giant pimples on my cheeks. 

There were a lot of different theories about what was going on with my face from friends and family. Most people thought it was from working out too much and just being consistently sweaty. This theory never really made sense to me though because for a few years already I have worked out like this, getting ridiculously sweaty 4-5 times a week. That hasn’t really changed.

Some thought it was hormones. Our bodies really change as we get older and I was potentially dealing with the onset of adult acne at 30 years old, which isn’t that uncommon. 

Others thought it was stress which definitely speaks to me and I think makes the most sense. As a full-time entrepreneur I experience a whole new level of stress every single day. It’s almost like a pit in my stomach where I feel like I’m forgetting something. I think that feeling comes from knowing there is always more you can be doing when you are your own boss. I think these sentiments deserve their own blog post as I’m sure many of you can relate to this feeling.

 While I was never able to nail down the exact reason for the breakouts, I did try multiple ways to get rid of them.

Firstly, I attempted to go the all natural route. I swapped all of my cleansers and creams for chemical-free and did so for about 2 months. And I really, truly wish I could say this worked for me. I would love to preach about the power of toxic-free, natural skin remedies that gave me, clear, radiant and glowing skin. But it wouldn’t be the truth. They didn’t work. I was sad and almost felt a little betrayed by the whole “clean living” industry. How could all of those Insta-famous bloggers have perfect skin with their natural beauty routines and I couldn’t? It was unfair. I of course know that a) most people don’t actually have perfect skin on Instagram, they just post good pictures and b) there is more to it than just the products they use. But I felt disappointed. 

From there I switched to commonplace drugstore products like acne-free face washes and spot treatment creams which started to help clear everything up but ultimately really dried my face out. My skin was getting super read and flaky around my chin and nose to the point that it was becoming painful. 

And then, like a gift from the heavens, I received a package from one of my all time favourite brands – Skinceuticals. Skinceuticals is a high-end, clinical skincare company made in the US, which focuses on science-based formulas for optimally healthy skin. Their products are used by dermatologists, physicians and in medi-spas. While they come with a hefty price tag, the bottom line is they work.

I first tried this brand before my wedding last summer due to the many recommendations from my friends. At that time, I wasn’t experiencing any previous skin issues but loved the product and the way my skin looked and felt while using it.

Unfortunately becoming a full-time fitness professional meant scaling back on shopping and picking and choosing very carefully where I spent my money. Continuing to use those products once I ran out was a little unrealistic for me as they are on the pricier side. So it’s safe to say this package came at the perfect time.

As a blogger, I have been given the incredible opportunity (that I never thought or even knew was possible) to try out lots of different products in the health, beauty and wellness realm. And unless I try it and subsequently believe in it, I won’t write about it or give a review. 

I have been using the products from Skinceuticals that I am about to tell you about for five months now so I can safely, confidently and excitedly shout from the roof tops that they worked wonders on my skin and completely cleared it up!!! 

Below is a step by step breakdown of my routine using Skinceuticals:

1. Serum 10

After I cleanse (I just use a drugstore bought gentle cleanser as I have to wash my face post workout about twice a day) I apply the serum to my dried face. It fights aging, environmental damage and restores healthy looking skin.

2. Blemish + Age Defense

This is a powerhouse in a little bottle and exactly what I needed for my pimples. Without getting super scientific, it is a blend of acids to minimize acne and the appearance of wrinkles. I could feel my skin tingling as soon as I applied it and I just liked to picture my pimples screaming their last breath as they slowly disappeared with each use.  

3. Metacell B3

Think botox in a bottle. This comprehensive moisturizer helps tighten up my skin and correct the redness around my chin and nose area. I feel like I look younger every time I put it on. Even though I don’t really need that right now, I’m sure I’ll eventually start to look 30-something and this will be my go-to!

4. Emollience

This was the moisturizer I used the first time I tried Skinceuticals. Aside from feeling dreamy when you apply it, it has natural oils that leave my face with the perfect mix of moisture and hydration without looking oily. 

5. Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

If I had to forgo all of the products except for one, it would be this sunscreen. I literally cannot leave my house without applying it, especially now that I get to see daylight in my new job! With a slight tint to it, this sunscreen is paraben-free, water resistant and so moisturizing at the same time. And don’t be fooled by the small size of the bottle, you don’t need much and it lasts a long time.

Since using Skinceuticals I’ve had the odd blemish here and there but it’s safe to say I finally feel back to my old pimple-free self. After several months, I’m finally running out of the products but there’s nothing wrong with being motivated to work extra hard to treat myself to a few of their products soon. 






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