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My WORST Pregnancy Symptom

Overall I have been VERY lucky with how I’ve felt in my pregnancy. And no matter what, I cannot complain. But I’m always being real with you guys so I also won’t pretend that I’ve felt 100% amazing and 100% like myself. I’ll give it […]

A Week in My Life

This vlog is a little different from anything I’ve done but was super fun to film! I chose to take you through an entire week that was somewhat “typical.” The thing is, as a full-time blogger and personal trainer, there is no typical week…but that […]

Our Baby Moon

So first and foremost, this photo is obviously not from this trip. We have had pretty crappy Miami weather and haven’t actually taken one pic together yet, so ya…I got “creative” and used one from our last trip. I’m so excited for DC to finally […]