Add a Little Bounce to Your Workout

When it comes to working out, I am always looking for motivation in different people, places and things to keep my routines both challenging and exciting. If I look hard enough,I might just find that inspiration in an athlete, a pretty new sports bra or even my post-workout snack.

 Lately my equipment of choice in the gym has been a weighted medicine ball, as many of my clients can attest to. I love how versatile and deceivingly challenging it can be for both cardio and strength training. A simple throw and toss with extra weight is enough to get your heart rate up and the ever-popular ball slam is a fun way to workout our arms and shoulders. While I’ve been loving the med ball for my workouts, I’ve equally been favouring energy balls as a post workout snack. They are so easy to make on your own, or, if you are always on the go and strapped for time like me, Bounce Foods makes a seriously delicious energy ball. As a personal trainer, I pretty much live in my car so any type of snack that is easy to carry around, mess-free and can be consumed in one bite (okay that’s a little aggressive…more like 2-3 bites) gets an A+ from me. And if the ingredients are on point, you really have a winner. I love that Bounce Balls not only taste great but are filled with good fats, fibre and protein so they help repair my muscles post-workout and also leave me full for long enough. My favourite flavour by far is Cacao Mint – it’s like a delicious dessert that also falls under my rule of thumb: more protein than sugar. Now that I have you craving energy balls, try adding a little Bounce to your workout. One of the things I love about medicine ball workouts is that if you don’t have access to a med ball or gym, most exercises can be repeated outside the studio with pretty much any type of ball. So whether you’re hitting the gym or taking it outside, pack your Bounce Ball and try these 4 moves:

1. Lunges

Step forward into a lunge and twist towards the front leg. Alternate sides and repeat. 2. Squat Press

Staying deep in your squat, press the ball away from the midline until your arms are straight and bring it back in. Repeat while staying low in your squat. 3.  Russian Twists

Sitting down in a V shape with feet elevated twist the ball from one side of the body to the other. Repeat. 4. Plank Rolls

Holding your body in high plank position, roll the ball from one hand to the other, transferring your weight. Repeat.


All photos shot by: Arthur Mola

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