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Favourite Holiday Recipes: Naughty vs. Nice

This is by far my favourite time of year. Call me cliche but I just love the Christmas lights on houses, cheesy music on the radio and endless excuses to drink hot chocolate. Come January 1, however, you can call me the Grinch as I’m beyond […]

Winter Spiced Almond Butter

We’re just 6 days away from Christmas and I feel like I’ve managed to turn every meal into a festive one. Whether it’s adding peppermint to my chocolate smoothie or nutmeg to my coffee, I can’t seem to stray away from all the festive vibes. […]

Orange Ginger Overnight Oats

There are two things I obsess about in winter time. Staying healthy and having a hearty breakfast. Yes,  I know, I am always obsessed with staying healthy. But these Canadian winters are brutal and what I really mean is staying away from the cold and […]