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Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken Fajitas

When it comes to cooking, I am not a recipe person. I cook the most basic meals that you really can’t even call a recipe. This is because I cook for convenience and to keep myself on track with healthy eating habits.  Enter the slow […]

My Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Bulletproof coffee is all the rage these days and one of the most common recipes I get asked about. You guys want to know three things: 1. what is it 2. how do I make it? 3. do I need it? Well I can definitely […]

How to set SMART fitness goals

New year, new you, right? You got that gym membership, bought all the kale and promised yourself you’ll never ever have a potato chip again.  Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Creating extreme and limiting resolutions only to find ourselves three quarters of the way […]