Fall Intentions

Despite being out of school for quite some time, September always feels like a brand new year for me. As the days begin to shorten and the leaves start to change I gain a resurgence of energy and excitement that has me craving routine. I look forward to trading in my cottage weekends for time in the city where I can meal prep, clean and set myself up for a productive week. 

It also feels like the best time to reevaluate and realign my goals and intentions both personally and professionally. What do I want to accomplish this year? What does my body need?  

For me, this is a polarizing question because I want to grow my business in fitness but I know my body is craving more rest. How do I balance the two? It is a fine line and while, as an entrepreneur, I do not believe in balance, I know there are certain steps I can take towards working hard in my job but also taking measures in self-care.

Yoga is something I have decided to rededicate myself to this fall, even if I only get to class once a week. The physical aspect of stretching and breathing is the perfect compliment to my high intensity workouts and the mindful element is exactly what I need to channel to keep myself calm both on and off the mat. 

Wearing: Hyba Mesh Medium-Impact Sports BraHyba Namaste Legging, Hyba Cold-Shoulder Top

In addition to yoga, I do also want to get stronger physically to be able to sustain my job in fitness and prevent injury. This will mean scheduling time in my crazy full days to incorporate functional exercises like squats and planks plus stretching and foam rolling. These are definitely not my favourite, high energy workouts that I like to do, but work that I know I have to put in to obtain my goals. 

Although my intentions of getting more rest while simultaneously getting stronger may seem contradictory and like a difficult feat, goals are goals no matter how lofty. I always find it helps to write my goals and intentions down. Whether you do this weekly, monthly or annually, putting your intentions on paper (or screen) helps to stay committed as it forces you to be clear with exactly what you want. It also gives you something to come back to, a point of reference, to see how far you’ve come and/or how much more you need to put in to get to where you want to be. 

I encourage you to take some time this week to think about what your intentions are for the next month, for fall or maybe for the year. Try writing them down and come back to them from time to time. Now that mine have been put out to the world, I look forward to coming back to this post to see if I’m on track.

       Wearing: Hyba Mesh Medium-Impact Sports BraHyba Space Dye Mesh Legging, Hyba Mesh Crop Top


Photos by: Arthur Mola Photography 

New Home Inspo

This post is quite different from anything else I’ve ever written about, however, I always want to write about things that are on my mind. And right now I have home decor on my mind.

This is rare for me as decor isn’t really my thing. Luckily, however, it is my sister’s thing. Well it’s not just her thing, after all she is the brains,beauty and designer behind Jessica Claire Interiors

I’m so privileged to have such a renowned and talented designer as my sister helping to decorate our new home. Her and DC have been super busy ordering furniture and measuring walls while I’ve been pretty much useless, unless you consider screenshotting pretty pictures of plants helpful. 

It’s been really funny to see how my interior style has evolved over time. I moved into my condo almost 7 years ago and the colour scheme was hot pink and bright orange. Several years later DC moved in and we didn’t exactly re-decorate but rather hung up some Philidelphia Eagles and Grateful Dead paraphernalia. This is the first time we are getting to decorate a home together and, luckily, completely agree on the aesthetic – something I’m calling “ethnic-beachy-namaste.”

Despite having to be reminded I’m not moving into a green house, I’ve been pinning my decor inspo like crazy and I’m hoping it turns out something like this. I can’t wait to show you the final product in about a month’s time. 

July & August Favourites

Seriously, how is it September tomorrow? Can we just have 5 more minutes of summer, pleeeaaasseee? I know I am not alone when I say the summer flew by! So fast, in fact, that I totally forgot to publish my July faves post! I honestly feel like I blinked once and now it’s Labour Day weekend.

As much as I love summer, I am a huge sucker for fall. Colourful trees, chunky sweaters, pumpkin-spice everything. It almost makes living in our crazy Toronto climate worth it…almost. But seeing as it is still hot out and slightly light out (unless you’re me and wake up at 5 am), I am going to hang on to summer for a few more moments and give a list of the products that I absolutely loved using in July and August.

Favourite Beauty Hack:

5 Minute Face Kit by Haley Bogaert Face

The insanely talented Haley Bogaert has done my makeup so many times for different events, including my wedding, and every single time she does it, I’ve just never felt prettier. So when she came out with her own makeup line, I knew it was going to be genius. I had the pleasure of trying out her 5 Minute Face Kit this summer and now it is my go-to not just for every day, but for special events as well. Available in light, medium and dark shades, the complete kit comes with blush, lipstick, eyeliner, bb cream, highlighter, a flat brush and brow gel, which Haley is famous for. With a quick and easy application of these key products, you can achieve a fresh and glowy look in no time. This is perfect for the on-the-go person like myself and with the cutest packing, it makes for the perfect gift.

Favourite Pantry Staple:

Trader Joes Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend

I know photos of this little bottle of seasoning have been flooding your Instagram lately, but it is for good reason. It actually tastes exactly like an everything bagel. I have been putting it on pretty much anything savoury these days; from eggs to avocado toast to salad. I’m a huge fan of spices as they are an easy and calorie-free way to add a ton of flavour to your meal without the use of heavy, sugary sauces. We don’t have Trader Joes in Canada so I picked up a bottle last time I was in New York. Now if there was only a way to make an actual calorie-free bagel for me to eat!

Favourite Face Mask:

Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks

Just like a bouquet of flowers, Origins has created a face mask for any occasion. If your skin is dry, go for the rose. If it’s oily, try the orange-radiance. Too much sun? Try the lavender. These no-mess masks are super easy to apply and work quickly. Best part is you actually see the results right away. Also, if you are a sucker for cute packaging, then these masks don’t stand a chance against you. I love masks in the summer as the warmer months are pretty harsh on my skin. Between the sweat and sun and I also love giving my face some extra TLC and a mask is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Favourite Purse Staple:

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer 


I have been looking for a good, clean hand sanitizer for a while. It sort of sounds like an oxymoron though. How can something that clean really kill bacteria off our hands? Well, the answer is, I’m not sure how clean it really is. I mean, the hand sanitizer only has three ingredients: ethyl alcohol, water and essential oils so I’d say it’s a pretty good option. I use it often as I am always in my car, using my phone, handling equipment at different gyms, touching clients’ sweaty bodies – you get the picture. So I keep one in my car and one in my purse. My favourite thing about this is the smell, though. Anything with laender immediately calms me down and, I’m not going to lie, sometimes I just spray it and breath it in (is that really bad?) if I’m having a stressful moment in the car and can’t reach my roll-on essential oils fast enough. 

Favourite Hair Product:

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Dry Shampoo

You may know I just had the chance to try this product only about a week ago but I have used it almost every day and am kind of obsessed. Here’s the deal. Redken came out with a dry shampoo that has dark pigment in it. What does that mean? For all of us dark-haired ladies, it won’t leave a white residue at the tops of our head! Can I get an amen? I also learned something interesting about dry shampoo in general. Did you know that, like a deoderant, you are supposed to apply it before you go workout or do whatever it is that’s going to mess up your fresh hair? I had no clue. For me personally, since I wash my hair a lot due to the constant working out and sweating situation, I have been applying it to my just washed and dried hair, before I style it. Not only do I get a good amount of volume but I also find it helps prevent it from getting greasy faster.