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My Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Bulletproof coffee is all the rage these days and one of the most common recipes I get asked about. You guys want to know three things: 1. what is it 2. how do I make it? 3. do I need it? Well I can definitely […]

How to set SMART fitness goals

New year, new you, right? You got that gym membership, bought all the kale and promised yourself you’ll never ever have a potato chip again.  Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Creating extreme and limiting resolutions only to find ourselves three quarters of the way […]

Favourite Holiday Recipes: Naughty vs. Nice

This is by far my favourite time of year. Call me cliche but I just love the Christmas lights on houses, cheesy music on the radio and endless excuses to drink hot chocolate. Come January 1, however, you can call me the Grinch as I’m beyond […]