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June Favourites

I’ve just returned from a week-long trip to Iceland which is why this post is a little late going up. Actually, it feels like my past few ‘Monthly Favourites’ posts have started with some excuse as to why they are late going up on the blog. It’s funny how when you quit your 9-5 job to pursue fitness and blogging you find it hard to make the time to write and workout.

Anyhow, I will soon be putting up a blog post all about Iceland and I’m so excited to share more about the trip with you. But before I do that, I need to first tell you about all my go-to products for the month of June:

Favourite Skincare Product:

Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads

When I was in Miami, Bianca introduced these pads to me while we were grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I was complaining to her about my bad breakouts and how I thought they were from constantly sweating and not having time to properly cleanse my face in between teaching classes and training clients. I purchased the 50-pad package and tried them out at after a boxing class. I then continued to use them while we were lying out in the sun and then traveling back home on the plane. Now they come everywhere with me. Each pad contains herbal extracts and essential oils combined with tea tree oil that is considered an antiseptic plant. You can feel the pads working their magic right away as they leave your face tingly and cool. I am completely addicted to them. I still wash my face after a workout but I will use these pads after I cleanse and then throughout the day for an extra boost. 

Favourite Hair Product:

Garnier Fructis Moisture Lock 10-IN-1 Rescue 

I went through a phase this year where I decided there was no point in washing my hair because it was just going to get sweaty the next day. But then my skin was getting bad and I was having to constantly change my pillow case and I just never felt that clean. So now I’m back to washing it a lot. I haven’t quite figured out my “hair schedule”  but what makes me feel good right now is a daily wash. If you’re a stylist or a hair person, I know you are probably cringing right now. Sorry! Anyhow, my hair is of course drying out a lot due to the over-shampooing so I’ve resorted to using Garnier’s Moisture Lock 10-in-1 detangler after I shower. I spray it over my ends and for the most part, just let my hair air dry. It smells incredible, which is what got me hooked at first. But it also does not leave my hair greasy at all and protects it from heat damage when I do get to styling it with an iron later in the day. I also brought it with me to Iceland and it proved to save my hair as I didn’t pack my own shampoo or conditioner (I know, you’re cringing again) and hotel products just don’t cut it. 

Favourite Workout Accessory:

Nike Hyperfuel Water Bottle

Finally! A water bottle that is perfect for working out. I know this may seem like a strange product to pick but I have been through dozens of water bottles and, for workout purposes, they just never seem to quite get it right. Swell’s are amazing because they keep the water cold but try unscrewing those caps in the middle of teaching a spin class. There’s just no way to make that look cute. I got to try this Nike water bottle at an event a few weeks ago and (unless I lose it, which is super likely to happen) I cannot see myself working out with anything else. First of all, it holds just under a liter of water. Way more than the average bottle. Secondly, there is no cap. Just squeeze and suck. (Get your mind out of the gutter). Lastly, no leakage. It’s kind of like the Dairy Queen thing where you turn your Blizzard upside down to see if the ice cream falls out. Well, in this case, the water stays in. They aren’t the cutest looking bottles, like My BKR, and they are plastic (the horror!) but as long as they are reusable I think it’s a fair deal. 

Favourite Gift Idea:

Fab Fit Fun 

I posted about my summer box from Fab Fit Fun on Instagram a couple of days ago but I wanted to give a little more information on it. It is a quarterly subscription service that sends boxes each season filled with full-sized samples of products in the health, wellness, beauty and fashion sphere. I’ve received two so far and fell for every item in the box. Whether it’s a new exfoliating face scrub, a pair of earrings or package of protein powder, Fab Fit Fun is on point with their curating skills. I’m not the biggest beauty or fashion buff so I love receiving new products in those industries as I rarely go out and buy new makeup or non-workout clothes. For example, in this past summer box they included a highlighter and bronzer that is already a staple in my “beauty routine.” After I posted about my spring box, several people told me they ordered a subscription for someone else as a gift and I think that is the best idea! It’s more personal and creative than a gift card and takes the guessing game out of what to actually get someone. Plus it will be the gift that keeps on giving. I have a code ‘KALE’ that will get you $10.00 off your first box. If you use my code, I do receive a very small affiliate commission, just to be completely honest with you, but I want to spread the love on these boxes anyways because I love getting them and really think they are an amazing gift option! 



Working Hard to do Nothing

I just got home from spending the long weekend at my parents’ cottage on Lake Simcoe and I couldn’t feel more relaxed. It probably has something to do with the 11:00 am wake up I had today (how did that happen?!) and also something to do with the whole lotta nothing I did all weekend. The funny thing is, it actually took effort to do nothing.

As a blogger and as someone running my own business, I am constantly faced with the feeling that I should always be doing more.

In a setting as beautiful as the cottage, surrounded by the incredible food prepared by my chef mom and sister, there is always a photo to take. 

And with all the down-time, sitting in front of the TV or lying around on the couch, it always seems like a good opportunity to be on my phone, to catch up on Instagram or answer some e-mails.

But when does it all stop? How does the ‘doing nothing’ begin?

Since this was the first of many summer weekends up north, I did not want to set the precedent that I would be working the whole time. Yes, I brought my laptop with me and some product to shoot but I also knew I really needed a physical and mental break and should try and relax.

What I realized is that it’s almost impossible for me to relax when I have my phone with me. Call it sad, or unhealthy, or whatever you want to call it, but it’s true. I am constantly faced with the struggle of wanting to share everything on social media but also wanting to mentally shut down. 

So once the photo-shoots (including below) were done, the messages were sent, the workouts were filmed and the stories were posted, I decided to just turn my phone off. And that’s when the ‘doing nothing’ began.

I played with my nephews for hours, caught up on TV, ate peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake and laughed with my sisters until our stomachs hurt.

I’m glad I took this weekend to experiment with how I can balance work life with my personal life when, as a blogger, the two are already so intertwined. Turns out for me, shutting off means shutting down. And only then can the doing nothing begin. 


Under Armour Threadborne Slingflex Running Shoe

Under Armour Threadborne Train Long Sleeve

Under Armour Threadborne Seamless Heathered Crops

Under Armour Perfect Headband 2.0








Miami Insta-Fit Weekend Recap

Miami has always held a special place in my heart. Since birth I’ve visited pretty much annually, with my family, typically over Christmas. And every year we go, we tend to do the same three things: eat, eat and eat. So when I decided to head down south with my sister Whitney and two fellow fitness bloggers, Jordana of I Hart Nutrition, and Bianca of Holistic RX, I knew it would be different from any other Miami experience I’ve ever had.

Don’t get me wrong, we ate…a lot. Some really healthy, some not so much. But we also tried out some really great fitness classes in different neighbourhoods, tested out fun, new activewear, and did I say we ate lots of food?

Here’s a little recap of our incredible #miamiinstafit weekend:

Bianca and I arrived early on Thursday morning and our first plan of action was a grocery haul at Whole Foods. B is from New York and we met through our online nutrition school program (IIN) so it was really fun to shop together and chat about our fave healthy products. She also introduced me to so many delicious brands that we can’t get at home in Toronto. We went a little overboard at the store and asked the girl at the checkout how long she thought we were in town for based on the amount of groceries we bought…she said eight days…we were only there for four. The even crazier part is that we finished everything! 

The first day of our trip ended up being super rainy so we decided to experiment in the kitchen with a few of the ingredients we bought and baked some Simple Mills banana muffins. We of course had to fill the mini muffins with chunks of Justins peanut butter cups. They were topped with a Siggis yogurt icing and Purely Elizabeth granola. Pretty much heaven. 

Eventually it was time for our first fitness class – SoBe Kick, a kickboxing studio in South Beach. We loved the look of the gym. It was a large open space filled with punching bags and had an old-school feel to it. The class was half floor work with skipping ropes and free weights and half combinations on the bag. It reminded me how much I love boxing and that I need to incorporate it into my workout routine again. We also felt like total badasses in our new Lilybod looks. 

Once we finished class, we had time lots of time to relax on the beach. It was Cinco de Mayo that day so it seemed like a good excuse to polish off a few bags of Siete chips. I was excited about trying them as we can’t get them in Toronto. They are completely delicious but be warned, they are addictive!

Day two meant a new workout class in new workout gear. We were so excited to try out the Terez leggings and tanks at Flywheel North Miami. I had been to this studio a few times and was excited to go back. It is also fun to take a spin class every so often instead of teaching one. The tights really held up during class but we were also excited to rock them off the bike at one of my all-time favourite lunch spots, Miami Juice

After two days of intense workouts, we were excited to take a relaxing yoga class as our final workout of the weekend. Wearing our matching, comfortable K-Deer looks, we headed over to Exhale Spa Miami which probably has to be one of the nicest yoga studios in the world. It looks out onto the ocean and the teacher kept the doors open during class so we could feel the breeze and smell the fresh air. I could have stayed in savasana all day.The only thing getting me out of that studio was our stunning pool-side cabana waiting for us at the Ritz Carlton. We spent the day lounging in the sun, listening to music, laughing a lot and toasting to the perfect weekend getaway! 

There’s nothing like combining my two favourite things: travel and fitness, with friends and family. We are already planning our next Insta-Fit getaway, so stay tuned! 

Comment below if you have any questions or recommendations for our next retreat.