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Miami Insta-Fit Weekend Recap

Miami has always held a special place in my heart. Since birth I’ve visited pretty much annually, with my family, typically over Christmas. And every year we go, we tend to do the same three things: eat, eat and eat. So when I decided to head down south with my sister Whitney and two fellow fitness bloggers, Jordana of I Hart Nutrition, and Bianca of Holistic RX, I knew it would be different from any other Miami experience I’ve ever had.

Don’t get me wrong, we ate…a lot. Some really healthy, some not so much. But we also tried out some really great fitness classes in different neighbourhoods, tested out fun, new activewear, and did I say we ate lots of food?

Here’s a little recap of our incredible #miamiinstafit weekend:

Bianca and I arrived early on Thursday morning and our first plan of action was a grocery haul at Whole Foods. B is from New York and we met through our online nutrition school program (IIN) so it was really fun to shop together and chat about our fave healthy products. She also introduced me to so many delicious brands that we can’t get at home in Toronto. We went a little overboard at the store and asked the girl at the checkout how long she thought we were in town for based on the amount of groceries we bought…she said eight days…we were only there for four. The even crazier part is that we finished everything! 

The first day of our trip ended up being super rainy so we decided to experiment in the kitchen with a few of the ingredients we bought and baked some Simple Mills banana muffins. We of course had to fill the mini muffins with chunks of Justins peanut butter cups. They were topped with a Siggis yogurt icing and Purely Elizabeth granola. Pretty much heaven. 

Eventually it was time for our first fitness class – SoBe Kick, a kickboxing studio in South Beach. We loved the look of the gym. It was a large open space filled with punching bags and had an old-school feel to it. The class was half floor work with skipping ropes and free weights and half combinations on the bag. It reminded me how much I love boxing and that I need to incorporate it into my workout routine again. We also felt like total badasses in our new Lilybod looks. 

Once we finished class, we had time lots of time to relax on the beach. It was Cinco de Mayo that day so it seemed like a good excuse to polish off a few bags of Siete chips. I was excited about trying them as we can’t get them in Toronto. They are completely delicious but be warned, they are addictive!

Day two meant a new workout class in new workout gear. We were so excited to try out the Terez leggings and tanks at Flywheel North Miami. I had been to this studio a few times and was excited to go back. It is also fun to take a spin class every so often instead of teaching one. The tights really held up during class but we were also excited to rock them off the bike at one of my all-time favourite lunch spots, Miami Juice

After two days of intense workouts, we were excited to take a relaxing yoga class as our final workout of the weekend. Wearing our matching, comfortable K-Deer looks, we headed over to Exhale Spa Miami which probably has to be one of the nicest yoga studios in the world. It looks out onto the ocean and the teacher kept the doors open during class so we could feel the breeze and smell the fresh air. I could have stayed in savasana all day.The only thing getting me out of that studio was our stunning pool-side cabana waiting for us at the Ritz Carlton. We spent the day lounging in the sun, listening to music, laughing a lot and toasting to the perfect weekend getaway! 

There’s nothing like combining my two favourite things: travel and fitness, with friends and family. We are already planning our next Insta-Fit getaway, so stay tuned! 

Comment below if you have any questions or recommendations for our next retreat. 




A New York Minute with Old Navy

When I transitioned from my corporate job in real estate to full-time fitness instructing, personal training and health coaching, there were some lifestyle changes that came with the territory of pursuing my passion, which I expected, and other changes that I was simply unprepared for.

Working longer hours, expected. A smaller paycheque, expected.
But the amount of times I have to change my clothes in one day? Well for some reason, I just never seemed to consider that. And let me tell you, when you go from training a client, to a business meeting, to teaching a super sweaty spin class…let’s just say, I am changing in and out of workout clothes a lot
While there are some cons to this, such as my actively growing laundry pile, there are also many pros, like having a good excuse to buy lots and lots of activewear. 
But that smaller paycheque and buying new workout gear don’t always mesh well. So when Old Navy approached me to try out their new activewear line, I jumped (both figuratively and literally) on the opportunity. 
I’ve always been a fan of Old Navy‘s classic, comfortable and most importantly affordable styles so I knew this invitation could not have come at a better time. 
The cherry on top was that we were celebrating the launch of #oldnavyactive in New York, so off I went with fellow blogger Meghan Yuri Young to try out Old Navy‘s new gear in the Big Apple.
  As a full-time spinning instructor, I know the ultimate test to any workout gear is a spin class because I get just as sweaty on the bike as most people do in hot yoga! So when we went to Soul Cycle on our first night in New York I knew I would be putting my new Old Navy outfit to work.
I chose to wear the Go-Dry High-Rise Mesh-Panel Compression Tights as I prefer a high waist band while I ride and the Go-Dry Seamless Light Support Sports Bra on top – in cute, bright colours of course. Aside from feeling good walking into the studio, I was incredibly happy with how the fabric held up during class as well. I felt comfortable on the bike and the sweat absorption was on point. 

Wearing: Old Navy Active Go-Dry High-Rise Mesh-Panel Compression Tights for Women and Go-Dry Loose-Fit Hooded Tunic for Women

Wearing: Go-Dry Seamless Light Support Sports Bra for Women

 The following day we attended the official launch of #oldnavyactive which was like Disneyland for fitness! Complete with a trampoline, hula hoops, workout equipment, cold pressed juices and a glam bar, I was seriously in heaven. 

Wearing: Go-Dry Mid-Rise Fitted Running Tights for Women and Go-Dry Performance 1/4 Zip Pullover for Women

 As if the activities and food were not enough, there was also an adorable “pop-up shop” showcasing all of the current and upcoming pieces in the Old Navy Active collection. From inspirational quotes to pink and purple florals, the clothing in the spring-inspired line was not only beautiful but extremely motivational.
In addition to the price, my favourite thing about Old Navy Active is the functionality of the clothes, which can transition me from workout class to lunch date to business meeting. For example I love that I can throw on my Go-Warm Front-Wrap Fleece Hoodie over my leggings and a sports bra for a simple but cute look that serves my fitness training and the rest of my day-to-day activities. 
When asked who the ultimate Old Navy Active customer is,  Lauren Guthrie, General Manager of Old Navy Performance Active says

” Our shopper is someone who’s always on-the-go and is fully committed to a healthy lifestyle by keeping active.  She looks for functional pieces that are stylish enough to extend beyond the gym, and that can easily mix with the rest of her wardrobe.”

That is exactly what the new gear embodies and why the brand resonates with me. It also helps that the colours and designs are both beautiful and inspirational. And after all, what is more motivating to get you active than new workout gear?
Thank you Old Navy for the incredible New York minute and I look forward to continuing to run around and sweat it out in my #oldnavyactive gear. Be sure to check out the new line at your local Old Navy or online

October Favourites

I love posting about my favourite healthy take-out restaurants, snacks and recipes but I rarely tell you about all of the other products I use on a day-to-day basis so I thought I would start a series of my monthly “favourites.” From beauty and skincare products, to workout gear and books, I am going share with you the things that I can’t live without. 

Also…disclaimer: While some of these products were gifted (Saje), I am not getting paid to post ANY of this content and all of these opinions are my own

Now that that’s out of the way, without further ado, I give you my October Favourites:

Favourite Skincare Product:

Organic Rosehip Face Oil by Pure + Simple

I’ve been using this face oil for about a year now. Like all Pure + Simple products, it is 100% all natural, organic and vegan. It is made with tons of vitamin C, omegas and fatty acids and leaves my skin feeling dewy and nourished all day long. I apply it after I wash my face and apply my serum, before moisturizing. 

Favourite Beauty Product:

Brow This Way by Rimmel London

It was starting to feel like everyone else had “eyebrows on fleek” except for me so I began experimenting with filling them in. Let me be the first to say I am the ultimate beauty amateur but I found this kit really easy to use. I actually see a big difference when I wear it and now I feel like my makeup is incomplete without using this. I am interested, however, in transitioning to clean, natural makeup, so if anyone has suggestions please leave a comment below!

Favourite Workout Gear:

Muscle Love Crop Tank by Lululemon

I go through phases with the clothes in my closet, choosing one item to wear over and over until I’m sick of it. The same goes for all of my workout gear. Right now I am totally into my crop muscle tank that I just had to go pick it up in another colour. It is so comfortable to move in, especially when I’m teaching a sweaty spin class. 

Favourite Read:

The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma

My hubby gifted this book to me when I decided to leave my corporate job (next month!!!) and pursue health and fitness full time. Sharma is one of the top leadership advisers in the world and offers incredible business advice. Whether you work for a massive corporation or are an entrepreneur, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some professional motivation. 

Favourite Natural Remedy:

Immune by Saje Natural Wellness

Tis the season of the common cold. Despite developing a sore throat this week, I’ve managed to avoid catching that nasty cough going around my office and definitely give credit to the many natural products I use daily. This week however, I’ve added in Immune, to prevent my sore throat from developing into anything futher. Every morning and night I’ve been rubbing it on my glands and along the T-Zone of my face for my sinuses. Just smelling it all day already makes me feel better. I use the oil roller from the Saje Pocket Farmacy.

There you have it – the products that I cannot live without this month. Comment below if you would like to see more posts like this.


I do not own these photos. All photos belong to the linked websites.