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Saying hi to summer with Old Navy

Although the weather doesn’t quite feel like summer yet in Toronto, the vibes were as warm and tropical as ever on Wednesday night at the Thompson Hotel.

Dressed head to toe in Old Navy‘s new summer collection, my fellow bloggers and I celebrated the start of our favourite season in style.

Old Navy‘s summer collection embodies all the best things I associate with summer – fresh fruit, a warm breeze, sandy beaches and  poolside fun. From pineapple button downs, to palm tree dresses, they used iconic summer imagery as inspiration for the patterns and styles of their new designs.

We had the pleasure of previewing the newest summer collection which ranged from swimwear and cover-ups to flip-flops and towels and were fortunate to fill up and take home our very own Old Navy swag bags. As someone who has collected flamingo printed objects my entire life, I surprised myself when I chose the watermelon towel over the flamingos but it was just too cute to resist.

Once our swag bags were filled we headed over to the summer glam squad and I, not surprisingly, opted for braids and, perhaps surprisingly, a bright orange lip.

Now that our summer looks were complete, it was  indulge in some festive mojitos and flower donned ice cream as we cooed over each other’s Old Navy outfits. I think the consensus was we need to get back to the store and spruce up our summer wardrobe with our favourite pieces. And then pray that it will get warm enough to wear it all!

You can check out Old Navy‘s summer digs in stores on online at

All photos shot by Katherine Holland.


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30 Years of Air Max

It’s crazy to think that just five months ago I was spending Monday-Friday, sitting at my desk in a corporate office, staring at my computer, wearing slacks, heels and a blazer, wondering how I was ever going to make the transition to the wonderful world of full-time fitness. Although it’s only been a few months since I made the big move, I still love to look back on how much has changed in such a short amount of time.

One change that stands out to me the most is my style. Since I became a full-time spin instructor/health-coach/personal trainer/blogger my closet evolved pretty quickly.

After just a couple of weeks in this new gig I started to find myself gravitating towards that “athleisure” look, choosing running shoes over my usual little black booties and over-sized hoodies instead of my fitted sweaters. In fact, for my 30th birthday, I asked my husband for a fresh pair of sneakers – who am I?!

I have loved transitioning to this new look and love that I can justify buying new pieces by saying “it’s work clothes” – even if they are workout clothes.

Of course one of my favourite brands has always been Nike and I’ve always relied on their trusted shoes to support me in my workouts. But lately I’ve been wearing them out of the gym to go with this new athletic look of mine.

So with this newfound sneakers obsession, I was stoked to hear that Nike was releasing a special line of their Air Max shoes in honour of the Air Max anniversary.

The first pair of Air Max‘s were released in 1987 (the same year I was born). It was a shoe that revolutionized the sneaker industry. This time it wasn’t only about functionality of a running shoe, but the culture that the shoe invoked. Youth, rebellion, creativity, innovation. These are the sentiments the Air Max inspires, which still hold true today. I mean, who doesn’t feel like an absolute boss every time they rock a pair?

To celebrate 30 years of Air MaxNike came out with the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 LE.  This was the shoe I had to have, not only because we both turned 30 this year (which is commemorated on the tongue with “3.26,” the official anniversary date) but because the style is closest to the original Air Max look with all the latest technology for ultimate comfort. The notorious Air Max platform heel offers comfortable cushioning and the rubber outsole is extremely lightweight yet durable.

They are the perfect addition to my new wardrobe. As more of a lifestyle shoe than gym shoe, I can branch out from my leggings and throw on some jeans with these sneakers to complete the look.

I was also drawn to the shoe because of this special anniversary. Turning 30 was a big deal for me this year and I can honestly say, I feel happier, stronger and healthier than I ever have in my twenties. I know who I am and I am proud of that person.  

So as soon as I put the shoes on, I immediately felt a little taller (yes, thanks to that platform) but also a little cooler and definitely more confident. It’s not just about the clothes we wear, but what they represent. 

To me, my new look represents the chance I took, just before turning 30, to make a career change, to follow my dreams and to just do it! I love choosing pieces like these new kicks to remind me of how far I’ve come and where I still have to go.

Get the look:

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Yoga x Mara Hoffman

I have been a major Mara Hoffman fan for years now. I’m always drawn to her coulorful palettes and hippie aesthetic. From my tribal-pattern bathing suits to my army-green utility jacket, every piece of hers I own automatically becomes a favourite in my wardrobe. So when she introduced athletic wear to her collection, I knew I would be obsessed and have to get my hands on an outfit or two.

The prices are quite hefty, however, so I held off buying anything and resorted to ogling over her website and Instagram. It wasn’t until my past birthday this year that my husband surprised me with an outfit – best. gift. ever. 

The fabric is super soft and sweat-proof making the pants perfect for a hot yoga class or run on the beach. The bras is also nice and supportive without being too constricting. 

The only thing I’m missing is the matching yoga mat to complete my outfit, which would also make the perfect gift (nudge nudge wink wink)!