April Favourites

I always love when the first day of a brand new month falls on a Monday. There is something about seeing that number 1 on the calendar next to a Monday that inspires me to take a moment, think about my goals, check in to where I am and make a plan to get to where I want to be. Adapting to my new, self-employed job is still taking some time. I am feeling pretty disorganized and a little overwhelmed with keeping tabs on all the different things I have going on right now. So my intention for this month definitely subscribes to the season – spring cleaning and organization. I need to de-clutter, take better care of myself and my business, and stay on top of all the exciting stuff I have going on.

This past month was filled with lots of events, some exciting collaborations and more opportunities to try new products. Since April was Earth Month, I thought I would dedicate this month’s post to all my favourite products that I was given an opportunity to test out, which are not only good for our health but good for the earth! Check em out below.

Favourite Natural Shampoo, Conditioner + Mask:

Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Collection

As a spinning teacher, my hair is drenched in sweat almost every day. So basically my only options are dry shampoo or washing my hair every night. I used to lean towards the dry shampoo side but since I’ve tried Maui Moisture I started washing my hair a lot more and there are a few reasons for that. The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner, I let my hair dry naturally and loved the way it ended up looking. The less I have to do with my hair post-washing, the better since I am always strapped for time. And if I am forced to wash it more often, I can at least feel good about using products with ingredients that are actually good for you. The products are formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, and macadamia oil, which are so nourishing for my over-dried hair due to all the sweat. Plus every single Maui Moisture product has NO parabens, NO silicones, NO sulfate surfactants, NO synthetic dyes, NO mineral oils and NO gluten. This means they aren’t only good for our hair but they are making a less-harmful impact on the environment when those soapy remnants go down the drains in our showers. Win for us, win for the earth!

Favourite Natural Remedy:

Saje Wellness Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy 

Spring is here and while warmer days are certainly ahead, so are rainy days. This spring in Toronto has been particularly rainy which means one thing for me – more headaches. I’ve always been super sensitive to rainy weather. My head just kills when it rains. I try and stay away from taking any over the counter painkillers so when I found out about Saje’s Pepermint Halo I knew I had to give it a try. Pepermint Halo is an essential oil that you can roll on to your temples, back of your neck and behind your ears (or any other trigger points you want) that releases a strong, cooling sensation. It’s made with peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, cajeput, vetiver and rosemary essential oils. It smells amazing and works extremely fast. 

Favourite Natural Grab n Go Drink:

Flow Water 

I know what you’re thinking…isn’t this just water and shouldn’t you be using a reusable water bottle? Well yes and yes. But hear me out. Flow Water, isn’t just water. It’s actually locally sourced from a family-run artesian in Ontario that is replenished by rain and filtered naturally. Most spring waters use minimal treatments for bacteria yet Flow keeps it all pure with their unique renewal system, making it nutrient-rich and delicious. So it tastes good, and is good for us, but what about the earth? Shouldn’t we be using our own water bottles? I used to be so good at bringing my own water bottle with me to work and consistently filling it up. (It may or may not have been due to boredom). Now that I’m in a job where I’m constantly on the go, I have become pretty bad at hydrating, especially for someone who sweats for a living! Since having a case of Flow in my fridge, I’ve definitely gotten better at keeping up with my water due to the ease and convenience of the boxes plus the aesthetically appealing packaging that has me inclined to reach for a box every time I open the fridge. It’s also this packaging that makes Flow unique, and, surprisingly, eco-friendly.  You can read all about Flow’s production and packaging here since it is pretty technical but the gist is that their production process plus packaging stays true to their overall mission which is providing a clean and sustainable product while at the same time, limiting their carbon footprint. I you want to try Flow, you can find it at most groceries stores, some fitness studios or you can even order it online and have it delivered to your door – in an eco-friendly BMWi3 of course!

Favourite Natural Salad Dressing:

Raw Foodz Glorious Greek

I’m normally all for making my own salad dressings since it is a really easy way to cut calories, keep your meal clean and be aware of exactly what is going into your food. However, there is something to be said for finding a product that gives you clean and simple ingredients but where you don’t have to do all the work yourself. I had the opportunity to try a bunch of Raw Foodz salad dressings which are all: vegan, organic, raw, nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free and preservative-free. So what are they made with? Well, real ingredients. Things like avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, mustards and herbs that give it all the flavour without the additives. The greek has been my favourite so far but other flavours such as Purely Poppy and Japanese Joy are inspiring me to branch out and try some new salad recipes.

Favourite Natural Blogger:

Shut The Kale Up

I know you already know who she is, but Jeannette Ogdon of the Insta-famous @shutthekaleup is pretty much the queen of natural living. At the beginning of this year she decided to go as natural as possible in all realms of living: food, beauty, house cleaning products, hygiene, etc. While I don’t have the intention of doing that myself, I totally admire her dedication and determination to keep it as clean as possible. And she definitely keeps it real. It seems like she will pretty much try anything and give you her honest opinion. She will always admit when something she is using isn’t natural and I mean, she’s human, we can’t be perfect and keep everything clean, it’s just not possible. I like to try her recommendations for things like skin care products and natural deodorants but I don’t see myself going as far as oil pulling. But never say never – I did say I would never put yogurt on toast once upon a time after Jeannette did it and, well it turns out, greek yogurt is actually damn delish on bread. 

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